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At + / - 15 minutes it's super fun park Irrland. In Irrland you can romp, muddle, playing in hay and straw, running, riding, sliding, jumping, smelling, animals experience, climbing, courage, laughter, fun, wet, with water, experimenting and playing, including palms relaxed, feel, sit in the sun, grilling, build, develop imagination, get lost, enjoy, relax and, and, and ...........There are plenty of free grills available that one does not need to

The zoo in Kleve is 30 minutes from the property.

Indoor swimming pool / wellness / Sauna / Ice skating in Goch you reach in 20 minutes:
In Viersen (30 minutes) is the Kletterwald adventure where you can find an area of 27500m2 with 100 climbing elements in the forest, and many more to network bridges with various routes to go: Let's survival!
Germany's largest country, tractors & Technology Museum is located on the same road where the property is located.
There are many routes in the area.The Herrensitz bike path go's along the property directly.
Canoeing on the River Niers is extremely popular.There are several providers. Starting at about 5 minutes from our accommodation. One option is to canoe, during your cycle, and continue at the end of the canoe journey with the bikes.The bikes can stand ready to continue your cycle journey.
Bathing and water sports at + / - 20 minutes is the Xantener Nord and Sud See. Here you will find a variety of water sports.You can go water-skiing, sailing, boat rentals, surfing, diving, fishing, swimming or just lazing on the beach. Playgrounds, beach volleyball and gastronomy at the family beach.
The largest archaeological museum of Germany at the site of the ancient Roman city of Colonia Traiana Ulpia. An inspiring visit to the Roman history.

Wunderland Kalkar is a family theme park where you can eat unlimited fries and ice cream.

Several walking routes in the area.
Indoor cart in Weeze
Tennis, badminton, soccer, fitness and sports center in the nearby Sonsbeck:
Several Castels / Palaces oa Schloss Moyland in Bedburg- Hau, Schloss Wissen in Weeze, Schloss Haag in Geldern ,Schloss Bloemersheim in Neukirchen-Vluijn, Schwanenburg in Kleve, Wasserburg Anholt in Isselburg,

Kervenheim: A picturesque village on the edge of wooded hills with an attractive, wooded area where you can bike, hiking and horseback riding.
Kevelaer: A pilgrimage to one million tourists annually. The cozy terraces, shops and nice places to visit this place more than worthwhile. The balloon festival in August every year is a winner.
Xanten: The Roman city of Xanten where you imagine yourself back in time. The cathedral stands majestically in the core. Lively city where is many organized.
Along the road to the nearby village Sonsbeck Tuschenwald is the beautiful forest. Here there are plenty of mountain biking, hiking, biking, fishing or enjoy a treasure hunt.
archery in Geldern:
National Park De Maasduinen
Going into the Nature!!
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