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        • Quality assurance system introduction  
         obtained the ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2008, [certificate serial number: 00208Q15099ROM]
          Sunrise company starts to implement the Total Quality Management in the beginning of  established. In 2008 establish the quality assurance system based on the ISO90012008 standard request, obtained the ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2008, [certificate serial number: 00208Q15099ROM].    In the foundation of ISO9001:2008 system, bases in the overall strategy of group “the fine profit, agile, the internationalization”, bases in provides the highly satisfactory profession product and the service comprehensive solution plan goal unceasingly for you, take the world colleague enterprise as the range pole, (customer satisfies completely) by TCS improves the system to take the power continually, we have established the quality system face the product entire life cycle, from three aspects :the design quality, the production quality as well as the product maintenance quality to provides the comprehensive product/service quality guaranteed for you.
         • Measurement examination guarantee system
           At present our company has established the measurement examination center, has the professional measurement examination administrative personnels 2 people, the concurrent job measures to examine the personnel 15 people, constructs the measurement standard 3 items, may do the geometry gauge quantity check-out facility's examination/calibration work.
           Our company has laser interferometer, roughometer, roundness measuring instrument, optics collimator, degree of hardness instrumentation measurement examination/test equipments and so on, can provide the complete experiment examination for each kind of product, the metering management has used the ISO9001:2000 international standard, conjoin the company actual operation, through consummated unceasingly, improves unceasingly has established a set of more perfect metering management system, provided the reliable measurement guarantee for various products line's quality control.

          • Main check-out facility synopsis

        1.  Renishaw laser interferometer 
        Use: The laser interferometer is one kind of high precise measurement equipment, widely applies in the aviation industry, the machine manufacture as important precision machinery domain and so on. The main application is components flatness, the straight line, the parallelism, the angular deviation surveys; Numerically-controlled machine tool's linear axis pointing accuracy, repeat pointing accuracy, reverse deviation's survey.
        2. Y9000G high accuracy roundness measuring equipment 
        Use: The Y9000G high accuracy roundness measuring equipment is a rotary, uses the high accuracy air static pressure shafting, and has digital adjusts the computer automatically. This instrument is composed by the precision turnplate, the amplifier, the recording instrument, measure head, the computer. It can survey the roundness, the proper alignment, the parallelism, the verticality and flatness and so on for the work piece continual surface conveniently or off and on superficial. The measurement result may show automatically. May also recording measured curve automaticly, carry on the comparison with the standard circular board, then obtains is measured the work piece accurate magnitude of error.
        3.CL-1A roughness talysurf 
        Use: The CL-1A roughness talysurf is suitable in the bearing manufacturing industry to survey roughness and the ditch shape error specially, the instrument uses the diamond contact pin, the inductance type contact head and the diffraction grating sensor, uses in surveying, the measuring accuracy is high, the duplication is good, this instrument uses the microcomputer technology, high intellectualized degree, easily operating, can demonstrate rapidly roughness parameter and demonstration outline's some basic parameters, print the parameter by the printer.
        A kind of move can be used for three of the detectors can be in three mutually perpendicular rails move the probe to reach non-contact means of transmission signals, the three axes of the displacement measurement system (such as optical scale ) by the data processors or computers to calculate the workpiece coordinates of each point (x, y, z) and the various functions of measuring instruments. 


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