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                  The company has machine shop of 5000, and office technology building of 7000. The main production equipment and detection equipment are more than 100 sets, including 14 sets of machining centers, CNC machining centers, CNC boring and milling machine, precision surface grinder, rail grinding machine, CNC laser cutting machine, laser interferometer (British made), CMM, roughness profiler, roundness profiler, and other detection instruments and equipment.
                        The company can offer applies machining parts processing for automobiles, bearings, printing, food, mining and other equipment needed for.

        • 車間現場

        • 車間現場2

        • 車間現場3

        • 加工過程

        • 加工過程3

        • 加工過程4

        • 加工中心

        • 成品

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