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        Industry news

        There is a visit to Xinxiang Sunrise by the leader of China Bearing Industry Association

        (Time:2014-09-18  Click:2874)

         February 23, 2008, China Bearing Industry Association president Yang Naiyan, Chairperson Zhang Fanqiao, Secretary-General Wang QuanQing, Tao BiRui, He JiaQun, Lu Gang, Chen KunGang , Liu Hui and his party eight people, carried out an investigation to our company. Chairman of Sunrise Hao JiMin, General manager Wang ShiBao make a report about the development of the enterprise for 10 years of the leadership of Association. Over the past 10 years, as an enterprises in China bearing industry bearing, we had produced CNC bearing grinding machine for 3217 set, Super finish machine 172 set and other machines 4 set, grinding and super finish line—45 lines. Leaders of Bearing Association praised the company's development speed and contribution to Chinese bearings industry, make the development of the next step for the company and given invaluable advice and direction.

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