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        Double Heads & Two Positions Center Hole Lapping Machine

        Double Heads & Two Positions Center Hole Lapping Machine

           Machine introduction:

                                 Double center hole grinding machine is a special machine tool for produce high precision shaft parts.
                        Mainly used for machining shaft parts on precision machine tools, cars, textile equipment, precision
                        instruments, meters, hydraulic and pneumatic manufacturing industry. After grinding on the central 
                        hole machine tool, the manufacturing precision can be greatly improved.

                                 Double heads center hole lapping machine use multiple precision top inlaid with hard alloy or spraying 
                       CBN, JR particles to the grinding the center hole which at both ends of center hole, thereby improving the
                       quality of coaxiality, roundness and the surface roughness, and reduce the error of 60 degree cone angle
                       to ensure the good positioning accuracy of both ends of the center hole.

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